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Half Moon
Mental Health & Wellness

Collaborative, inclusive, and affirming therapy and wellness services provided by highly qualified, licensed clinicians in Downtown Raleigh

What We Do and What We Specialize in

We believe in the power of whole body wellness and support clients through navigating how unhelpful patterns, behaviors, and relationships may be showing up in our lives. We are passionate about providing inclusive, affirming and collaborative therapeutic services. We specialize in working with folks who struggle with with over control and in integrating our most challenging experiences into a more workable narrative.

Anxiety Disorders

Disordered Eating & Body Image Distress

Traumatic Growth

Relationship Issues

LGBTQIA+ Affirming Care


Mental wellness is achieved from doing more than just therapy. The way we engage in our lives, conceptualize ourselves, and interact with our communities matters in developing sustainable well-being. Half Moon is here to help in the journey to creating a viable, intentional path to long term mental wellness.

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