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collaborative, inclusive, and affirming wellness services

provided by highly qualified, licensed clinicians in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and online.


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We are passionate about providing inclusive, affirming and collaborative services. We specialize in working with LGBTQIA+ folks who struggle to navigate minority stress, are wanting to move to a place of self-celebration, and engage more effectively in their communities. 

We believe in the power of whole body wellness and support clients through navigating how unhelpful patterns, behaviors, and relationships may be showing up in our lives. We see wellness as more than just therapy and are committed providing wellness services that not only serve our clients, but also provide opportunity to our queer community. Check out all of our offerings above!

Queer couple in therapy

the value of mental wellness

Mental wellness is achieved from doing more than just therapy. The way we engage in our lives, conceptualize ourselves, and interact with our communities matters in developing sustainable well-being. Our team at Half Moon is here to help in the journey to creating a viable, intentional path to long term mental wellness.

let's work together

While we work with clients from a wide array of backgrounds, these are some of our areas of expertise:


Experiencing overwhelm, feeling on edge, restless or unable to relax


Experiencing a one time traumatic incident or having lived through chaos, abuse or neglect from those closest to us


Inclusive and affirming of all gender, sexual and relational identities (including kink and polyamory)


Engaging in constant arguments, icing out, or avoiding partners, friends, or family


Feeling uncomfortable in your body and wanting to alter the way it looks through any means possible, even if those means are disordered


Struggling to have a healthy relationship with food, exercise or body and engaging in toxic diet centric behaviors

meet the team at half moon

brianna hicks therapist

Brianna enjoys working with teenagers (age 14+) and adults who identify as queer and struggle with disordered eating, body image distress, processing traumatic experiences, and relationship concerns. She uses humor and sarcasm regularly, and brings her personality into the room when working with clients. Brianna believes that the therapeutic relationship can be a catalyst for change and has great respect for the work clients do within that relationship. 


Mack supports adolescents (13+) and adults in exploring their identity, learning healthy habits, and growing in their relationships with others. Mack is passionate about working with teens and adults in the queer community. They strive to provide a collaborative, fun, and equitable space for everyone who walks through the door, but especially those who hold marginalized gender and/or sexuality identities.

marley toben therapist

Marley finds it incredibly rewarding to work with LGBTQIA+ teens (16+) and adults who are expanding out of developmental trauma, healing relational wounds, shedding negative self-image, and overcoming anxieties. Marley brings candidness, humor, warmth, and genuine interest to the therapeutic relationship. She believes that good therapy is more art than science.


Anna enjoys helping adults manage anxiety and perfectionism, heal from trauma– particularly developmental and intergenerational traumas–, and cultivate a more compassionate self-image. She strives to create a safe atmosphere, affirming and validating clients while simultaneously challenging them to let go of patterns holding them back from their fullest lives. A storyteller at heart, she finds great privilege in hearing client stories and empowering them in finding their most authentic voice.

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