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Becca Leifer, LCMHC

To me, therapy isn’t a workbook or a road map that’s the same for everyone. Therapy is about meeting you where you are. I want to learn about your unique strengths, values, goals, and struggles. I strive to support you in navigating your struggles, and in making choices in alignment with your values as you work toward your goals. I am curious about what brings you fulfillment and exploring avenues to infuse joy into your days, with a strength-based, benefit-enhancement approach. 

Viewing therapy as a collaborative process, and knowing that you are the expert on your own experience, I enjoy creatively integrating therapeutic modalities to meet each client as the individual you are. I utilize techniques from an alphabet soup of approaches (including ACT, CBT, DBT, MET, and more), as well as drawing from Art Therapy and Somatic approaches, for clients with whom that resonates. 

I have experience working with folx struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and chronic illness. I enjoy working with neurodiverse clients and unpacking the impacts of cultural systems on our sense of self.


LET'S CONNECT: (919) 808-2779 



I celebrate and affirm our LGBTQ+ community, and am committed to cultivating a safe space for all queer folx. I also provide letters for clients seeking gender affirming care. I am a sex-positive, kink-affirming therapist; and am experienced in working with folx in Ethical Non-Monogamous relationships. I aim to foster a non-judgmental environment in which you feel the freedom to express, rather than a need to explain. I believe in the transformative power of empathy, compassion, and community building; and am excited to extend my work through groups, events, and community supports.
I provide individual and relational therapy for clients living in North Carolina and Massachusetts. 

More about Becca:

  • If I had to ride an animal as my primary form of transportation the animal I would pick would be... 
    A giraffe. In part so I could ask it where it would wear a tie.

  • Favorite person to follow for therapy inspiration on social media -
    I can’t pick one! But here are three:
    Thee Moe Ari @loveoutproud
    Celeste The Therapist @celestethetherapist
    Nedra Glover Tawwab @nedratawwab

  • Pet’s Name(s) -
    I currently don’t have any pets, but am a stuffed animal enthusiast! My newest squish baby is a purple and blue kitty-corn named Hector. He’s so soft!

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