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investing in mental health

We believe that all clients are worthy of the investment into their wellbeing. Half Moon Mental Health and Wellness is considered an out-of-network provider with all insurances, and on purpose. Utilizing insurance for mental health treatment often comes with drawbacks that can be limiting or stigmatizing, and can discourage clients from seeking care. Some of these barriers include the use of diagnosis or insurance companies limiting the amount of sessions clients are granted. Here at Half Moon, we believe that mental health services should be accessible even when things are going well, and find that use of diagnosis or session limits can interfere with this vision.

To learn more about the benefit of seeing an out of network therapist, read more on our blog.

Need an out of network benefits check?

For clients that would prefer to use their insurance, but aren't sure what their out of network benefits are, we offer a free insurance benefits check. Simply click the link above to enter your information and check your benefits.

initial assessment: $180

A one time, initial assessment covering your background, mental health history, family and social history, and development. This is a longer session, scheduled for 90 minutes whenever possible to allow for greater opportunity to build rapport and learn more about each other.


individual therapy: $155


individual therapy: $120


individual therapy: $80

relational therapy: $180


We see clients of all relational configurations, including couples, polycules, families, and friends.

reduced rate options

We believe in good therapy for all, and every clinician on staff offers sliding scale sessions for clients with financial need. Additionally, our graduate student intern offers substantially reduced rates (as low as $15 per session) for clients who need a low sliding scale. Interested in learning more? Request an appointment with us and we can help.

LCMHCA individual supervision: $100/hour

Additional support via Google Chat, text, phone or email included in fee.

LCMHCA group supervision:
$75/2 hours

Group supervision offered weekly dependent upon having at least 3 LCMHCA supervisees committed to attending.

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