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group therapy at half moon

Our groups are located in person in our Downtown Raleigh office. We provide a safe, accessible, and comfortable space for all clients to access support from those that share their lived experiences. Groups are facilitated by a licensed clinician, who is able to guide conversation and ensure safety and group cohesion.

Interested in joining a group? 

current group offerings

Group availability is subject to demand, clinician interest and availability. If you have an idea for a group that could be helpful for you, reach out to us and we may be able to work together to create opportunities to support our community.

Reclaiming Our Connections

Reclaiming our Connections: Cultivating Healthy Relationships Among Black Women is a support group for black women in romantic relationships who are desiring to build a more balanced connection with their partner. The group will discuss the ins and outs of being in cohabiting and/or romantic relationships. We will explore things such as healthy communication, giving and receiving love, and banishing stereotypes and expectations of black women. 
The goal of Reclaiming Our Connections is to feel more empowered and balanced within yourself and within your relationship. The hope is that group members will leave feeling more in control of how they show up in their romantic relationship.

The group will be facilitated by Kennedy Graham, graduate intern, who can relate to feeling triggered or out of control in romantic relationships. Kennedy has had her own journey in healing generational trauma and understanding attachment styles; now she wants to pass that down to other black women. 

Reclaiming our Connections will meet for six weeks beginning on March 13th, from 6-7pm at 620 W Lane St Raleigh, NC Suite 202. To join the group please reach out to for a pre-screen and to register for this group. 

This group is for black women in healthy relationships. If you are, or suspect you are in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, go to for support.

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Chronic Illness Support Group

A therapeutic support group for adults who are navigating the emotional impact of living with chronic illness and chronic fatigue. This can include a wide range of diagnoses including (but not limited to) chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, POTS, chronic migraines, autoimmune disorders, or sickness from mold exposure. Receiving a diagnosis like this is overwhelming and life changing. This group is designed to provide a safe space for sharing your story, giving and receiving emotional support, and discussing topics related to living with chronic illness such as managing burnout, creating healthy boundaries and practicing self-compassion.

Group will be facilitated by Anna Vargas, LCMHCA, a therapist with lived experience managing and navigating life with chronic illness. This group will meet in person for six weeks and runs on a cohort model, where enrollment opens just before the next 6 week session begins and closes during the 6 weeks.

Clients interested in participating will complete a 30 minute screening with Anna to ensure goodness of fit. Cost for the screening and each group is $40 per group, or $240 This group is not recommended for clients who do not already have a therapist, are at risk for suicidality, or have current and active domestic violence occurring. 

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