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Marley Toben, LCSW

Queer relationships are as exciting as they are terrifying. No predetermined rules, roles, or rituals means we get to write the book. But what happens when we're confronted with endless possibilities, minimal role modeling, and extremely high stakes? Writer's block.


If you're in a queer partnership (this includes you queer folx in cit-het passing relationships) and you're looking to cultivate deeper intimacy with your partner(s), transform those pesky childhood strategies you've been using when things go sideways, determine if "monogamish" is a viable option, and let each other in as you heal from relational wounds, I've got you.

I'm not like other therapists, I'm a cool therapist. (Mean Girls, anyone?) Jokes aside, you can expect an unconventional approach from me. I will offer a look behind the curtain, and encourage exploration of not only the content you're bringing, but the context of when and how you're bringing it. I will warmly hold you accountable to change because the health of your relationship matters to me.

You won't catch me furtively hiding behind a clipboard or fueling therapy tropes. I want to meet you on your level. As a queer person myself, I understand the unique challenges and triumphs we encounter as we learn to love and be loved in ways that exemplify our inherent right to connection and vitality.


LET'S CONNECT: 919-502-0033


Marley Toben LCSW

Wondering if I see straight folx and individuals? 100% yes. I have a sweet spot for work with adult children of emotionally immature parents or folks who have experienced repeated betrayal, let down, and boundary violation during childhood. Our work together will empower you to relearn how to trust (yourself and others), resolve internal strife that guides reenactment of core wounding, and reclaim your autonomy.  

More about Marley:

  • Most excited to travel to next:
    Thailand for the jade green ocean, immaculate beaches, island boat tours, architecture, culture, wildlife, and all the pad thai.

  • Favorite Movie:
    Fried Green Tomatoes - I think this one officially qualifies as an oldie, but a goodie. It serves up anachronic storytelling of bad*ss women living in the 1920s and 1980s, swoon-worthy queer overtones, Towanda the amazing Amazon woman, bee charmers, and cellophane lingerie with a side of murder. This movie warms your heart and wrenches it. 

  • Dog's Name:
    Gilbert - after What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (another oldie but goodie). He is a 9yo cattle dog / chow mix and his personality is: cucumber

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