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Anna Vargas, LCMHCA

When life experiences overwhelm our ability to cope, it can feel scary and isolating, and pull us away from the life we want, but we don’t have to struggle alone.

I have experience and enjoy working with clients with a variety of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, traumatic events, challenging childhoods, and feeling overwhelmed, stressed and “not good enough,” but most importantly, I enjoy helping folks navigate the challenges of being human in a world that is constantly telling us how we’re “supposed” to be.

I believe every person’s story is important and deserves to be seen, heard and understood so the healing process can begin. I believe wholeheartedly in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship and therefore strive to create a warm, non-judgmental and down-to-earth environment for clients to begin sharing their life experiences, expanding self-awareness, shifting perspectives, and letting go of unworkable patterns in order to move in a more meaningful and intentional direction.

Together we may learn to take a closer look at underlying patterns of behavior and how they impact your life, develop skills for managing difficult thoughts and emotions, explore values and how they are guiding your life choices, discuss relationships and communication, process difficult and overwhelming life experiences and how they impact you presently, and finally practice self-compassion. 


As the daughter of an immigrant, I have a special interest in the trauma surrounding cultural appropriation and the effects of this experience on children of immigrants. Adult children of immigrants often feel the pressure of high expectations for “success,” guilt for all the sacrifices our parents made, and a sense of “otherness” from having one foot in one culture, one foot in the other, yet belonging to neither. The effects of this on our mental wellbeing is far-reaching and deserving of support and attention. 


I use a variety of therapy modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), attachment theory, psychodynamic therapy, emotion-focused therapy (EFT) and mindfulness practices. Pulling from these evidence-based modalities allows me to treat each person individually and wholly.

More about Anna:

  • Favorite Quote:
    In my home office, I have "unapologetic" framed and hanging as a reminder of my worthiness

  • Favorite Movie:
    SO many favorites but most recently, Everything Everywhere All at Once - it's a mashup of comedy, drama, fantasy, sci-fi - it makes you laugh, cry and ponder the meaning of life.

  • Pets' Names:
    Balto, a pit bull/bull dog mix and Mika, a cattle dog/terrier mix AKA Bubba and Stinker


LET'S CONNECT: 919-386-9582


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