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Mack Kirsch, LCMHCA

I have an interest in and experience working with individuals who are seeking guidance with navigating their world. I have worked with them in a variety of areas such as exploring their identity, learning healthy habits, and growing in their relationships with others. I have previously worked in community mental health with folx ages 6-23, and my current passion is working with individuals aged 13+.

I approach therapy with the belief that it should be tailored to each person's individual needs and experiences. In my practice, I enjoy engaging in work around identifying values and how our day-to-day choices either align with or deviate from those values (Acceptance and Commitment therapy). Another one of my passions is exploring how we navigate the deep emotional connections we make with others and how that impacts our world; whether that be relationships with parents, friends, and/or significant others as well (Attachment theory). Additionally, some of my previous work has involved aiding in the understanding of the relationship between individuals' thoughts, feelings, and actions, and using that knowledge to implement change (Cognitive Behavioral therapy). I enjoy being a source of support through skill building, reflection, and discovery of self and meaning in the world. I  am passionate about utilizing mindfulness, and holistic approaches in my practice, and I believe in using a feminist and social justice conscious lens.


LET'S CONNECT: 919-213-0832



 As a queer, non-binary person I am extremely passionate about working with teens and adults in the queer community. I strive to provide a collaborative, fun, and equitable space for everyone who walks through the door, but especially those who hold marginalized gender and/or sexuality identities. The stories we tell about ourselves and our lives impact the way we view the world. I am passionate about helping LGBTQ+ folx take control over their narratives and use them as a tool to empower and enhance self-compassion.

Above all, I believe the most healing aspect of therapy is the therapeutic alliance. I believe in meeting people where they’re at and forming a fun, authentic, and equitable relationship through collaboration and truly understanding your journey.  I believe my role is to help guide you through challenges and help deepen your understanding of yourself, what is working for you, and what isn’t. You are the expert of your world, I am here to consult and help derive meaning from what you are experiencing.

More about Mack:

  • Favorite TV Show:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its the perfect blend of allegory, corny one-liners, 90s grunge, and lesbian witches

  • Go-to Spot in Durham:
    Geer Street; It has a barcade (bar and arcade), my favorite music venue/restaurant, and a fantastic coffee shop

  • Pet's Names:
    T'Challa (he/him) rightfully named after the king of Wakanda, aka the Black Panther and Cyrus (he/they) named after icon Miley Cyrus because he was rescued hours before her concert

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