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Eco-Friendly and Gender Non-conforming Clothing Brands

Two people wearing eco-friendly gender non-conforming clothing

Finding eco-friendly and gender-non-conforming clothing can be a bit challenging, but there are certainly online stores that cater to both preferences.

Beyond these recommendations, Half Moon is also hosting a clothing swap, on April 27th, in honor of Earth Week! It's a great time to clean out old closet pieces and find new ones that match your identity.

1. Wildfang ( Wildfang is known for its gender-neutral and tomboy-inspired clothing. While not explicitly focused on eco-friendly fashion, they do offer some sustainable options and prioritize ethical manufacturing practices.

2. TomboyX ( TomboyX specializes in gender-neutral underwear and loungewear. They prioritize sustainability and offer eco-friendly fabrics such as TENCEL™ Modal and OEKO-TEX-certified cotton.

3. Lucy & Yak ( Lucy & Yak offers sustainable and gender-inclusive clothing, including colorful dungarees, tops, and bottoms. They prioritize ethical production methods and use organic cotton and recycled materials.

4. Rebirth Garments ( Rebirth Garments creates genderqueer and adaptive clothing for all body types. While their focus is on inclusivity rather than eco-friendliness, they offer handmade, customizable pieces and prioritize ethical production practices.

5. Flavnt Streetwear ( Flavnt Streetwear offers gender-neutral clothing and accessories, including graphic tees and hats. While they're not explicitly eco-friendly, they prioritize social responsibility and inclusivity.

6. Gender Free World ( Gender Free World specializes in gender-neutral shirts and tops. While they don't specifically focus on sustainability, they offer a range of styles made to fit all body types.

7. Dapper Boi ( Dapper Boi offers gender-neutral clothing, including button-down shirts, pants, and swimwear. While they don't emphasize sustainability, they prioritize inclusivity and offer sizes up to 6XL.

When shopping for eco-friendly clothing, you can also look for certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) for organic textiles or Fair Trade certification for ethical labor practices. Additionally, consider supporting small businesses and independent designers who prioritize sustainability and inclusivity in their production processes.


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