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Amanda Bruce

I am an energy practitioner specializing in Reiki and Craniosacral therapy. My first two passions
were School Counseling and Massage Therapy. I wanted to bridge my passions, and from my
healthy healing, I found energy work. The belief that our bodies know more than we do. With a
gentle mix of hands-on and hands-off methods, I cultivate a safe and nurturing session for one
to reconnect to self energetically. I encourage clients to stay curious and allow their bodies to do
what is natural and heal.


Some of the reasons why one might receive energy work: 
Emotional release
Back pain
Past Injuries
Digestive issues



Energy work is a slow process, yet powerful. Which is why honoring one's inner voice isessential. To ensure the client/practitioner relationship is a genuine fit, I offer a free consultation before you schedule your first appointment.

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